A specialist SEN school for secondary aged boys with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs

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LWS Academy Admissions Policy

LWS Special Educational Needs Offer

 (to be read in conjunction with the LWS Admission Policy, available on request or follow the web link to the left

Routes of Admission to LWS

Exceptional Circumstances identified by Academy, Local Authority and/or Current education placement, Parents/carers. Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan.Primary need identified as Behavioral in nature due to Social, Mental and Emotional Health needs. Assessment of Special Educational Need required – LWS Academy Outreach Team may support initial assessment.

Primary SEN identified or Assessment of Primary SEN need

Primary need of SEN must be identified as Social, Mental or Emotional Health.  LWS Academy recognises that other SEN needs may also be present, which affect behaviour and/or primary need, such as; Communication and interaction difficulties and Cognition and Learning need.

Transition plan to LWS Academy

If, a place is offered at LWS Academy then a transition plan will be initiated.Our admissions policy contains further details of this process

LWS Academy provision

LWS Pathways provision. Getting students ready for the ‘real’ world(see website and prospectus for full details)

Our 11-14 curriculum provides a specific curriculum to develop the necessary key skills to access education and future opportunities.

Our 14-16 curriculum delivers clear expectations, choices and options. All students will be offered a college placement, work experience placement  in Year 10 and 11 and a variety of GCSE subjects and for some students an opportunity to access bespoke curriculum provision.

 Specific examples of LWS Academy provision – bespoke strategies can always be discussed

The following list highlights our available resources and strategies to support student need.Further details can be found on the website and at request
  • Targeted approach
  • Extensive communication with parents/carers – Annual, termly, half-termly, weekly and daily, email, arranged visits, meetings messaging, specific tutor link etc.
  • Use of alternative education providers
  • Extensive multiagency support and contacts
  • Creative and effective use of Pupil Premium funding
  • Policies and systems which aim to support all associated with LWS Academy (link to policies)


  • LWS behaviour strategy
  • Personalised Curriculum
  • Class ratio of fewer than 5:1
  • Supportive and effective Academy Governance
  • Regular assessment and student progress checks
  • School Council
  • Clear ‘Home Academy’ agreement
  • Student progress assessed in real-time
  • Unique student timetable


  • Specialised Staff
  • 2 specialised fully qualified teachers in all subjects
  • Specialized Student Support Assistants
  • Social Skills teaching
  • Therapeutic story writing
  • Speech and Language therapist
  • Direct Educational Psychologist support
  • Mental Health support
  • Focus on developing the ‘whole’ student


Supported transition into further education

Planned transition meetings and discussion forums for the ‘next steps’ beyond 16. For example our Careers evenings, annual reviews, college visits, work placement interviews and visits.
Post-16 guidance and support from our student support team.

Further details on all aspects of provision and strategies to support students and/or parents/carers at LWS Academy can be found on the website or requested directly by contacting LWS Academy on 01489 582684 or emailing enquiries@lws.gfmat.org

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