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Behaviour and Attitudes


At LWS, students are supported in continually developing a strong moral compass, including distinguishing right from wrong. We support students into becoming respectful and responsible citizens who can make a valued contribution to the wider community. 


All students will have the opportunity to contribute to the Student Council, which meets regularly to discuss student drive agenda items such as uniform, rewards and learning. Tutor groups will elect a Student Council representative to share thoughts and comments on their groups behalf. Actions as a direct result of the Student Council include changes to the uniform, introduction of Golden Time and the introduction of Chess club to breaktime activities.

In addition to the Student Council, we have the newly established Behaviour Working Party, which focuses specifically on the conduct of the student body. Students from both KS3 and KS 4 present their own views, and work together in an effort to improve overall school experience for students. Recently, the Behaviour Working Party have worked with peers to improve the school environment and the surrounding area by undertaking regular litter picking duties.


LWS Values


In order to promote positive behaviour choices, we embed the LWS Values in all aspects of the school. The LWS Values are respectful, responsible and ready to learn and these were developed in consultation with students and staff. Lesson by lesson, we can monitor student engagement and behaviour choices by recording lesson points linked directly to these Values. Staff work with students and parents/carers using consistent scripts to develop understanding of what constitutes respectful, responsible and ready to learn behaviours and we hold students accountable when their behaviour falls short of school expectations. In class we use a 3 strike system to visualise student behaviours: if a student is not respectful, they will be given a strike or warning which is clearly shared and displayed. If students continue to make negative choices they will accumulate more strikes and when 3 strikes are reached a student will lose lesson points. Importantly, students can earn off strikes by making the right choice and modifying their behaviour. 


For those students who do not manage to demonstrate respectful, responsible or ready to learn behaviours detentions may be issued by staff. These will need to be completed during breaktime, lunchtime or after school. Teachers use a range of strategies to support students in continually developing their understanding or and capacity to demonstrate the LWS Values. To support those students who may not be ready to learn, they are encouraged to use our RTL room, where they can spend time with staff to identify suitable coping strategies to support them returning to class as soon as possible. We recognise that outside factors can have a large impact on students’ capacity to learn and that on occasion, students may not be in the right frame of mind to access learning on offer. 


Rewards and Recognition


As a school, we use Vivos to recognise and reward student effort and achievement. Vivos is an online currency which can be spent in either the school tuck shop or through the Vivo online shop. Every staff member has vivos to award instantly throughout the week in different categories that link not only to the LWS Values but they can also be awarded to key skills and attributes such as leadership and teamwork. 


There are several other ways in which we recognise and reward those who make positive choices, and one of our most popular strategies is our Golden Ticket draw! This takes place every week in assembly, and students have the chance to win an Amazon voucher for their efforts throughout the week. Students can earn up to 15 entries into the raffle each week: they receive one entry each day for attending school, one entry each day for wearing their uniform and one entry each day for earning over 24 points. Also in assembly each week, teachers award Student of the Week certificates in their subject to celebrate the effort of individual students. The Leadership Student of the Week is reserved for one individual who has made particularly recognisable progress or coped well in the face of adversity. All those who receive a certificate will be awarded additional vivos in recognition of their achievement.


Every week, students can work towards a class reward in Golden Time – popular choices of activities are making milkshakes, sports or watching a film. Some students benefit from being able to work towards more personalised and short term targets, and tutors often work with students to agree on an achievable target for a break time reward or to stay for a positive after school club. Some students like to see their points accumulate throughout the day and will use a points card to help visualise their achievements. All staff can send positive texts to parents and carers to share success in real time – including during lessons and at break times.


Each year, we welcome parents and carers into school for our Awards Ceremony. This is a special occasion, where all students are recognised and their achievements are celebrated, including academic and personal achievements being recognised. The Locks Heath Rotary Club presents one of the main awards – the Shield of Endeavour. Each year we welcome back Leavers who have made notable achievements since leaving school and welcome them into the LWS Alumni. 

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