A specialist SEN school for secondary aged boys with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs

Throughout the first two years at LWS we study a range of different topics. This helps students to develop both the reading and writing skills needed for their GCSE exams. In years 7 and 8 we read a range of novels, such as ‘Holes’ and ‘Stone Cold.’ Students also develop their writing through the study of newspapers and crime writing.
In year 9 students start their GCSE studies. We read the Literature texts during this year, to help students understand the plot and characters before they start analysing it in closer detail during their last two years.
Key Stage 4 – GCSE

The first GCSE that we offer is in English Language. This is studied through a range of texts, where students learn to extract information and explore the writer’s viewpoint. There are two reading papers; one on a fictional text and one comparing non-fiction texts. Both papers also feature a writing section. Students will have to write either a descriptive or narrative piece. They will then have to write to present a viewpoint. Both exams are 1hr 45mins long and are worth 50% of the overall grade.

The second GCSE that we offer is in English Literature. This is examined through the study of a range of novels, plays and poems. The first paper is on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Students will have to analyse a given extract in their exam, which is 1hr 45minutes long and worth 40% of the overall grade.

The second paper has a focus on ‘Inspector Calls’ and poetry. Students will have to answer one question on ‘Inspector Calls,’ using the quotes that they have remembered. They will then have to compare one of the poems from the ‘Conflict and Power’ anthology with another poem of their choice. They will have to revise for this, as only one poem is printed in the exam. The final section of the exam is on unseen poetry, where students have to use their knowledge to analyse and compare two poems. This paper is 2hrs 15 minutes long and is worth 60% of the overall grade.

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