A specialist SEN school for secondary aged boys with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs

At LWS, we endeavour to support students in gathering necessary knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions. As a school community, we strive to establish an open and honest dialogue that cultivates respect for, and recognition of the similarities and differences that exist between us and others from different backgrounds and cultures. 




Our PSHRE curriculum is delivered by tutors in a dedicated lesson each week. To ensure a quality and thorough curriculum is covered, we follow the nationally recognised programme Jigsaw. Jigsaw brings together PSHE, emotional literacy, social and employability skills as well as Relationships, Sex and Health Education in a comprehensive scheme of learning. With its spiral curriculum, each year group will work on the same theme, or Puzzle, at the same time to ensure a consistent and whole school approach. Lessons are thought provoking and have a focus on mental health, underpinned by mindfulness philosophy with opportunities for mindful practice embedded into lessons. 

The Jigsaw Scheme of Learning can be viewed here.


LWS Futures


‘LWS Futures’ is a programme that focuses on embedding 8 essential skills into the school experience to enable students to prepare for success beyond the classroom. The 8 skills are:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Staying positive
  • Aiming high
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving


Teachers plan tasks in lessons that aim to develop these fundamental skills and we recognise positive progress with red star stamps in student books and by awarding vivos. By recording which skills students are developing, we can identify which of the skills they should focus on next and plan targeted activities accordingly. To really emphasise the importance of these skills we dedicate one day a month to focus on one or two Future skills, which are launched with whole school or class assemblies and where students can be awarded tokens for their effort and achievements.


SMSC and Fundamental British Values


At LWS, we recognise that developing students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) understanding is an important part of the individualised curriculum we deliver, and plays a significant role in their ability to achieve. Students will be given the opportunity to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, a positive attitude towards others and to value the civil and criminal law in England. Pupils will be encouraged to improve their awareness of other cultures and recognise the benefit of diversity across communities. Through a school wide approach, students will have the chance to make informed decisions and positive behaviour choices. Students are supported in accepting responsibility for their actions, and to consider how they can make amends through worthy contributions to the school and their own communities. In promoting SMSC, students will explore the Fundamental British Values (FBV) which are: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith. 


Spiritual Development 


Spiritual development will allow students to value everyone as a unique human being, and to recognise and respect different faiths, religions and belief structures prevalent in Britain and around the world. We aim to provide spiritual learning opportunities that enable students to: 

  • Develop their capacity for critical and independent thought 
  • Experience moments of reflection and mindfulness 
  • Demonstrate empathy and understanding 
  • Reflect and consider their feelings about the known and unknown aspects of life
  • Improve self-esteem and positive mental health.


Moral Development 


Moral development will give students the capacity to make informed decisions regarding right and wrong, to improve their moral reasoning and to understand how their actions may impact others quality of life. Students will acquire a deeper understanding of democracy and respect for the law in Britain. We aim to provide moral learning opportunities that enable students to:

  • Recognise the unique value of individuals 
  • Act with respect, responsibility and integrity
  • Distinguish right from wrong across a variety of contexts 
  • Make informed and independent judgements


Social Development 


Social development will encourage students to work with and alongside others, increasing their ability to function within society successfully and to make positive contributions to the community. We aim to provide social learning opportunities that enable students to: 

  • Develop a sense of self and a group identity 
  • Learn about the benefits of teamwork to achieve a common goal 
  • Reflect on and recognise effort put forth by others 
  • Make decisions that improve their own and others quality of life 
  • Demonstrate respect and tolerance


Cultural Development 


Cultural development will enable students to explore and appreciate how cultural influences from around the world have shaped life in modern Britain. In addition, students will improve their awareness and respect for cultures different to their own and use this knowledge to enrich creativity and imagination. We aim to provide cultural learning opportunities that enable students to: 

  • Recognise and value cultural richness and diversity 
  • Develop a sense of cultural self-identity 
  • Improve their understanding of local, national, European and global foundations


Opportunities to develop SMSC in curriculum areas will be considered in the planning stage and may include: 

  • Discussions – paired, small group and whole class 
  • Independent research and guided discovery 
  • Opportunities for social engagement 
  • Practical tasks designed to reflect the real world 
  • Opportunities for teamwork 
  • Reflection – self assessment and peer critique 
  • Educational visits 
  • Visitors and guests from the wider community 
  • Community based learning 
  • Use of news stories and current events
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