A specialist SEN school for secondary aged boys with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs

In key stage 3 the students study key concepts across biology, chemistry and physics. In biology students learn about cells, the human body and how each body system works. Students also learn about animal adaptations, food chains and the environment. Plants and photosynthesis is also a concept that is taught at key stage 3. In chemistry students will carry out experiments in the classroom and learn practical science skills and how to reduce risks in the classroom. They will learn about dissolving, chemical reactions and the periodic table. In physics students will learn about magnetism and forces. Students will also learn to conduct electrical circuits and make their own fruit batteries.
In key stage 4 learners will move onto Combined Science GCSE this is split into two sections.
Life and Environment Sciences
In this part of the science GCSE students will learn about atoms and their structure and cells and their structure. They also develop their learning in plants and animals within their environment and how they interact. Students will study the effect of factors in the environment on organisms and how our choices effect our health.
Physical Sciences
In this part of the science GCSE students will learn about strong and weak forces between atoms, molecules and larger structures and how they interact. Learners will also develop their understanding of forces, speed and motion. In this section students will also study fuels, resources and renewable energy.

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